APA: The Easy Way: A Quick and Simplified Guide to the APA Writing Style

APA: The Easy Way: A Quick and Simplified Guide to the APA Writing Style

Title:APA: The Easy Way: A Quick and Simplified Guide to the APA Writing Style
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:60 pages

This book simplifies the mechanics of conveying ideas in a
scholarly fashion.

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition) provides a writing style that is used by
many academic and nonacademic institutions and publications.
However, this highly regarded manual is not specifically geared
toward scholarly academic writing...especially college term
papers. The authors of this book draw information from the
manual that is specific to academic writing and expand upon
it using set-up instructions and a sample paper. The end result
of this transformational process yields a useful guide that can
be used along with the actual manual for successful academic

The handbook covers many detailed specifications of the APA
style...including in-text citations, source citations, and a sample
paper. It also sheds new light on the manual using step-by-step
processes and exemplification that enable readers to fulfill APA
rules and regulations while focusing on content, rather than the
format, of their academic research.

    APA: The Easy Way: A Quick and Simplified Guide to the APA Writing Style Reviews

  • Walid Hassan

    إصار قديم لطريقة جمعية علم النفس الامريكية في تنسيق المصادر والمراجع داخل البحوث العلميةمفيد فقط لطلاب الدرا...

  • Chad Simons

    Feel free to just punch me in the gut next time you see me for even adding this book to my list of completed books. Sure, its a helpful reference, but to add it as "read" must have been a desperate ti...

  • Joanna

    This is a really nice, simplified APA guide. Although, not too sure if its necessary with Purdue OWL being so complete and easily accessible. Maybe if your writing somewhere where you can't get intern...

  • A.I.

    I read through this several times during the semester and still ended up online for help. It needs more examples on internet citations and personal correspondence. Otherwise, it was very nice to have ...

  • James

    This book is incomplete. Unless you master the APA Manual #6, you will need to hire an experienced APA editor such has myself. I have edited hundreds doctoral dissertations in APA format....

  • Celia

    I taught this book for many years. It’s a real timesaver around the complexities of APA for those who want just a quick, short answer to common questions....

  • Katy Smith

    I have spent all summer reading and re-reading this book. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who reads for pleasure. If you find yourself enrolled in a university that requires APA6, well don't leave h...

  • Gina

    Easy to read and helpful!...

  • John Holloway

    Nice portable reference for citing articles in APA style. Quick and easy: It's mostly all there....