Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:302 pages

My whole world is on shaky ground.

I've only got one more year at Griffin Academy, but it's a little hard to focus on school after the bomb that was dropped on my personal life.

On top of that, whoever has been targeting Unpredictables is only stepping up their game.

If we don't find out who it is and stop them, there'll be no academy left.

No pressure though, right?

Hunt is the fifth book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series, a medium-burn reverse harem story intended for ages 18+, featuring a badass chick and the four sexy men who fall in love with her.

    Hunt Reviews

  • Shirley Cuypers

    Original reviewThis book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Sadie Moss!Hunt is the fifth book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series and continues the story o...

  • B.B. Lynn

    We get to see the crew outside of school a little more which I absolutely loved! I feel like it kind of took the story and all the relationships to the next level. With the guys graduated, I was inter...

  • JadeShea

    Hunt takes place a few months after the previous book ended, the gang is all together for now until school starts. But when Elliot is at school and they start to try to shut it down she must do whatev...

  • Vicki

    Elliot and her magical guys are back for book five of this paranormal reverse harem series (must be read in order). Book five brings even more heat and has great action as it builds to the final book....

  • SD Jericho

    At this point in the game it's hard to write any kind of lengthy, indepth review that does the book justice and doesn't run the risk of spilling too many spoilers for others who haven't read the story...

  • Dora Blume

    Amazing! Seriously read the series! Amazing!The school is under attack by everyone. The circuit, the guy who's been behind the attacks, and much of the magical community area turning against unpredict...

  • Vicki Bennett

    This installment starts on a high and keeps going up. The war for fairness and equality rages on with the unpredictables once again having to overcome scrutiny, the relationships get deeper and not ju...

  • Mrslive43

    Blooming heck !! That was magic Really Enjoyed “Hunt” Elliots character is so bad ass , she really loves her men and fights to keep them safe every step of the way and she always wants to do what...

  • Jess Fares

    FreedomAnother fantastic installment in the story of Elliott and her hot harem. With tensions between the magical community and Unpredictables growing, Elliott and her boys rush to find the mastermind...

  • Natalia Navarro

    Shocked!!! 😳🤪🤯OMG, this book is so intense in many ways: the level of hotness between Ellie and the guys 🔥 🔥 🔥... The caos at the Academy, the calmed start of Ellie's last year was j...