Seven Wishes

Seven Wishes

Title:Seven Wishes
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:288 pages

A bully romance like no other...

Caelum: an Academy built to protect people like Eve.
Who they can't protect her from?
Its own student body.

The threat of death isn't new to Eve, but when she's given the chance to escape her past, she prays her future will be brighter.

How wrong she is.

Raised in a cult, Eve has no understanding of the modern world. Targeted as a freak, a Pack of boys take her under their wing but one among them recognizes Eve for what she is.


And a threat.

At Caelum, threats need eliminating...

Eve survived her past, but what of her future?

Find out if she makes it out alive in book ONE of the complete Caelum Academy trilogy.

A Why Choose Romance. 

    Seven Wishes Reviews

  • Marguerite (M)

    Rating: 4.5 starsThe Caelum Academy Trilogy was one good read and I devoured the three books in a couple of days.But the blurb is crap. I do not know who decided to call it a bully romance in the firs...

  • Kay

    Yeah, ok. Slow, but good! Lemme make this short and sweet.Things that this book is:- A paranormal reverse harem academy story with some very small bits of romance and veeeeery mild bullying in very fe...

  • Natalie panda eyes

    Ignore the blurb. This isn’t a bully romance although there is a little subtle bullying going on, though not with the guys. Eve is rescued from a cult and taken to a school where everyone has ‘sch...

  • Deanna from Deanna's World

    Seven Wishes is everything you'd want an academy story to be. Fabulous heroine, great guys, powerful creatures, and a mysterious school that is the answer to every desire with untold dangers lurking.E...

  • Joselyn Crissman

    I really enjoyed this book. I was absolutely hooked from the beginning. I thought that Eve’s naïveté would irritate me but there was something so endearing about her. She went through some messed ...

  • Jennifer

    Great read!This is definitely a slower burn but worth it! I enjoyed the fact that Eve gets to know the guys and doesn't just jump in to a sexual relationship. ...

  • Scarlett Vora

    This trilogy starts so strong and ends in a trainwreck. Two main complaints here: 1. The premise is that our heroine Eve grows up in a religious cult that's completely cut off from the outside world. ...

  • Jennifer G

    Eve was raised in a cult. She will be married to the Elder when she turns 18 in a few months. Her only hope is to escape the one day she will be allowed outside of the compound. Until then she just ne...

  • Patron Saint Fitzwilliam

    This book does not come off as a bully read. In fact, I’d say the only real bullying comes in the form of Dre, but he’s really just a selfish dick. And Eve takes it without retaliating. So, false ...

  • Lauren

    Worth the slow burn 😍I absolutely loved this book!!! I literally just read an Academy book right before this one where the female lead was a dark and twisted witch and then I flipped to this where ...