Freaky Reapers

Freaky Reapers

Title:Freaky Reapers
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:335 pages

Poet Parker put the past behind her. At least she thought she did.
Life on the streets wasn’t what she had in mind for her forever and she jumped at the chance to join Mystic Caravan Circus when an invitation was extended. She didn’t look back.
That was ten years ago, and now Poet is going back to the exact area she used to haunt … and she’s nervous.
The friends she left behind are scattered. Some are dead. Some have moved on to other things. Some turned out to be something else entirely. Others simply disappeared into the wind.
Unfortunately for Parker, forgetting isn’t easy … especially when a group of banshees start infringing on Mystic Caravan’s territory and the creatures seemingly have ties to the people Poet left behind.
Between the reapers also working the case – a crazy family called the Grimlocks who can’t stay out of trouble – and the guilt weighing Poet down given the way she fled, she has her hands full.
Someone is controlling the banshees, stealing girls from the streets and creating a merry band of monsters. It’s up to Poet to find out who and protect two street girls who remind her of herself.
Poet doesn’t want to look back but she has no choice … what she finds might be more evil than she ever imagined.

    Freaky Reapers Reviews

  • Elisa

    There was so much to love in Freaky Reapers, I mean seriously Poet, Aisling, and Izzy talk about a triple treat of hilarious proportions and then we add in the rest of the circus and the Grimlock fami...

  • Rachel

    She did it again!I love all of Amanda Lee's work and grab it up every single time she has a new release. She makes me laugh and cry in almost every book. I didnt join the circus but I did run away wit...

  • Wendy Schindler

    Excellence!!I love the Mystic Caravan Circus! The interaction between Poet and the Grimlocks was really good too! Spoiler alert! You're going to need a tissue at the very end!...

  • Mist Willingham

    Best crossover ever I normally don’t like it when an author does a crossover of two of their series, but this was well integrated and great fun. Keep it up!...

  • Tonya (Rustic Book Reviews)

    Wow!!! How did we get to 8 in this series so far??? Where have I been!!! I have read the first 4 in this series and had no idea we are already on book 8????? I have got to get myself updated.... I lov...

  • Liza

    I love every single goofy and eccentric character in the Mystic Caravan. I love that Amanda brings her signature sass, sarcasm, and plain ridiculousness to every book she writes. I have read most of b...

  • Mike Lewis

    Extraordinarily spectacularAn extraordinary story with a fantastic group of characters. In this particular story it is two different series by the same author doing a crossover event. The main series ...

  • Shannon Dapelo

    I liked this book, but I had issues with a few things. 1. Without being in Asling's head, she's extremely obnoxious. Aisling was always difficult, but when you're in her head, you understand her reaso...

  • Mary Heron

    Revisiting my favourite reapers.The Grimlocks are my favourite of all the series done by Ms Lee, (although Aunt Tillie from the Winchester witches series is my favourite character). In this Poet is ba...

  • Tammy Hoffman

    Crossover Story with the Paranormal Circus Family and the Grimlocks. Who could ask for more. A story allowing us to catch up with Poet, Luke, Kade, Raven, Max and the rest of the Mystic Caravan family...