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Number of Pages:291 pages

I’m the Seattle Sharks’ power forward.
The rising star. The sniper. The skater.
On the ice, I’m invincible.
Off the ice, there’s room in my heart for only one girl:
my five-year-old niece.

When my addict sister leaves Hannah on my doorstep with nothing but a backpack and a note full of excuses, my entire life shifts.
Playoffs or not, keeping my niece out of foster care is my first priority.

I need help...from anyone but her.

Ivy Harris.
Coach’s other daughter.
Gorgeous, smart-mouthed, reckless.
Hannah’s new BFF and favorite babysitter.
Ivy’s been under my skin since she clicked into my life on four-inch heels.
The same heels I just caught Hannah playing dress-up in.

But Ivy’s never been able to color inside the lines,
and with Hannah’s future hanging in the balance,
I can’t chance stepping outside them—no matter how badly I want to.
Ivy and I fight like pros until our mouths are too busy kissing.

The line between enemy and lover is blurry, and if we can’t figure out what we mean to each other, it will cost us everything in the end...including Hannah.

    Skater Reviews

  • Katerina

    Didn’t like it and not safe for me.Ivy was seeing a team member named Crosby - a womanising skeeve. Despite dating him, she didn’t sleep with him annnddd he dumped her when she didn’t put out. C...

  • Tracy  C

    An enjoyable read. Once Connor got over his anger over what Ivy did to Erik in the previous book, he was able to really see her. And I give Ivy so much credit for embracing Hannah and helping Connor, ...

  • Misty (Reds Romance Reviews)

    From the moment they first met Connor Bridgerton fell head over heels for Ivy Harris, but while he was checking her out, she was checking out one of his teammates... talk about hurt! So, he let her go...

  • Sbell

    WOW!! I am about 6 books too late to thishockey party! I am so glad that I found thisseries. I know I started with the 6th book inthe series, but you can bet I am going to goback and read the previous...

  • Terri

    I typically never do reviews on here but for this story I feel like it’s a must. I loved Conner, Ivy, Hannah, and the rest of the Seattle Sharks family. It was so clear that this group of friends an...

  • Jackie D

    The Hotter Than Hades Line Between Love And Hate The sixth book into the lives of the ever-evolving Seattle Sharks and I swear it never gets old! I love it! Looks like this time it's Connor who has g...

  • Angela

    Cute but flawedIf you can get past all the spelling and grammar errors (It’s the 6th book in a series...the editor should be fired.) it’s a cute story....


    Skater is book 6 in the Seattle Sharks series by Samantha Whiskey and can be read as a standalone. I’ve read the other books and was so excited to see what was in store for Ivy and Connor. Their att...

  • Tina Lee Harris

    All books read with KULet me start by saying that I did not realize what a big hockey fan I am. Growing up in the South, where it is nothing but sun and sand, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series....

  • Jos

    4 maybe even 4.5 StarsSPOLIERS AHEAD!!!!!!OK, so I liked this book a lot and loved bth Connor and Ivy. Actually if I am being honest, I was on the fence about Ivy before I read this and wasn't sure I ...