Picture Perfect Lie

Picture Perfect Lie

Title:Picture Perfect Lie
Edition Language:English
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The 1st book in my new and super sexy Kings of Castle Beach series about siblings on the NC coastal town of Castle Beach.

All Campbell Faircloth wanted was a safe place to call home.
All Knight King wanted was to leave his hometown behind.

I never expected to end up in Castle Beach, surrounded by a family who believes that I’m not only their brother’s wife, but the mother of his infant daughter.

I can’t tell them the truth—Knight and I met only three days earlier, during a layover in Atlanta.

He was headed out to fight in a war that hardly anyone talked about anymore, and I was headed back home to a family who pretended that I didn’t exist.

He helped me with my baby.

He kept us safe while we slept.

We shared lunch and dinner… and I spilled all my secrets to him.

Then he gave me an address, along with an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Six months later he’s back to bury his brother, and my lie is about to be exposed.

Only Knight doesn’t say a word.

He goes along with the charade, and each day we spend together, pretending to be husband and wife, it’s getting harder and harder not to believe in our lie.

Could our picture perfect lie turn into a picture perfect forever?

    Picture Perfect Lie Reviews

  • Alex ?

    Very sweet and lovely read 💕Likable heroine, cute baby, amazing hero!Safe. Good honourable hero. Warm and kind family dynamic. All possible triggers are in the blurb.I wished for more time with MCs...

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog??

    4-4,5 STARS ❤This was a sweet,lighthearted story!It was fast paced and I like the story, it was refreshing! This was my first read by this author, and I will definitely read more books by her! Campb...

  • XxTainaxX

    I absolutely loved the premise of this story and Knight surely lived up to his name when it came to Campbell. Our heroine has really had it tough and she totally deserves the best of the good guys. Ms...

  •  Leo (Queen of the Rants)

    I liked it. I didn’t mind that there wasn’t enough couple time in the book because while he was away they talked and texted so I felt like they were building their relationship.Hero was a sweet go...

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    3.5 Little Lies, Big Truth Stars* * * 1/2 Spoiler FreeOh, how a name from birth can blueprint behavior and actions. Knight King was his name and it seems it was also how he was wired... the Knight par...

  • Cyndi

    This book was pretty sweet. I liked Campbell and Knight. I really liked Knight's mom and sister! I would have rated it higher if we would have had more time with Campbell and Knight together. Also, I ...

  • Kate's Corner

    I love it. Such an adorable, sweet and sexy read with feel good moments, low angst and that some people are meant to be.After Campbell Faircloth “apparently” lied that she was being abused by her ...

  • Michelle

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA picture perfect sweet romance!!! Call it kismet or fate or what not but a chance meeting in airport of two strangers. Yup, that’s like a stor...

  • Diary Of Book Fiend

    Knight and Cambell meet at an airport in Atlanta when their flights are cancelled due to an ice storm. Knight is in the military and on the way to his next mission. Campbell is a new mom and is on her...

  • Melody Cox

    ***4.5 Star Review***Campbell Faircloth was alone in the world with a newborn baby. Her family didn't want her and she was eventually made to leave. That was better than handing over her precious baby...