Soul Source: Back and There Again

Soul Source: Back and There Again

Title:Soul Source: Back and There Again
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:424 pages

Would you go back in time and undo the worst thing you'd ever done if you knew there was a one percent chance it would kill everyone involved? Two percent?

When Agnes is asked to send someone back to expose her darkest secret she knows she has to prevent the mission. But Homeland Security's watching and the only other person who knows what happened that day is scheming and Agnes ends up like a pilot flying a damaged airliner full of people in a bad storm.

But what if she doesn't stop the mission? What if she stops the crime, leaving a lifetime of crushing guilt behind? But stopping the crime means teaming with Sarah, and Sarah's the one who lost the most from Agnes's mistake all those years ago. Does Agnes have any right to ask her to take the risk? Can she live with herself if it costs Sarah even more?

As the body count starts to rise Agnes ends up in a poker game where she's forced to push more and more chips out onto the table with every lost hand. And these chips aren't just human lives, because the models say that some possible paths of this mission trigger End Game. And you know what that means.

    Soul Source: Back and There Again Reviews

  • Melki

    "Meddling with cause and effect is like shaking a tree with mankind hanging from every branch. It's more profound than splitting the atom. Inventing a time machine is the equivalent of harnessing nucl...

  • Diana Petty-stone

    OMG!! My neck is suffering from whiplash because I sat up all night to finish reading this book and couldn't turn the pages fast enough to steady my heartbeat!! WOW! What a masterpiece of work. It giv...

  • William Stephens

    Great characters. Interesting take on time travel....

  • Michelle

    A roller coaster of a storySoul Source is a Ray Bradbury nightmare. I loved the story twists and the fact it isn’t a series. Awesome...

  • Don

    A truly excellent Science-Fiction Time Travel story with plenty of plot twists and contains very deeply thought out characters. A bit slow in starting, but once the gist of the storyline kicks in it i...

  • Charles Vella