Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:300 pages

1676. In a hovel in the centre of Paris, the fortune-teller La Voisin holds a black mass, summoning the devil to help an unnamed client keep the love of Louis XIV.

Three years later, Athenais, Madame de Montespan, the King's glamorous mistress, is nearly forty. She has borne Louis seven children but now seethes with rage as he falls for eighteen-year old Angelique de Fontanges.

At the same time, police chief La Reynie and his young assistant Bezons have uncovered a network of fortune-tellers and prisoners operating in the city. Athenais does not know it, but she is about to be named as a favoured client of the infamous La Voisin.

"This book kept me reading into the night... luxury and squalor, royal scandal and sorcery... how could it not?" ~ Fay Weldon, author of The Life and Loves of a She-devil

    Charlatan Reviews

  • Amy Bruno

    Heads up, HistFic lovers! CHARLATAN by Kate Braithwaite is on sale for only $.99!

  • Trisha

    Historical fiction has a higher bar for me. Not only do I need riveting characters that wheedle and panic and scheme; I need to smell the powder on their wigs and see the sores on their faces. Not onl...

  • Helen Hollick

    This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review: ' Kate Braithwaite has crafted a compelling and convincing piece of writing out of a real-life scandal. ' Helen Hollickfounder #DDRevs...

  • Vanessa Couchman

    An excellent and well-researched tale woven around the "Affair of the Poisons" during the reign of Louis XIV.Athénaïs de Montespan, Louis' official mistress of longstanding, has fallen out of his fa...

  • Maren Albans

    Kate Braithwaite's debut novel, Charlatan, is an incredibly well-crafted book. You are instantly taken to Louis XIV's France, with mystery, intrigue, and intricate plot lines. Kate's style is easy to ...

  • C.P. Lesley

    Paris, 1676. At the house of the fortuneteller Catherine Montvoisin (La Voisin), while two hooded forms watch, a wayward priest burns a piece of parchment in a spell designed to awaken the passions of...

  • Jo Barton

    I've long been fascinated by the French court of Louis XIV, and I've always rather fancied myself sweeping the long corridors of Versailles, but since I am not in possession , as yet, of a time travel...

  • Andrea Todd

    Loved this book! To be true, I forced myself to pay attention through the prologue and try to make sense of the scene enfolding, I wondered if the whole book would require this level of concentration....

  • Adele

    Charlatan is a fictional historical read based on the real life revelations of the Affair of the Poisons. I have to admit this is the first historical novel I’ve read set in the 17th century. The st...

  • Sarah Miller

    Gripping! Based on meticulous research, Kate Braithwaite’s masterful historical fiction Charlatan transports readers back through time to the 17th century, to witness the intrigue and politics of Fr...