Lake of Fire

Lake of Fire

Title:Lake of Fire
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:1st Edition

Archon Greta Sanchez and Strategos Evan Nubia struggle to hold together the Manhattan Union, amid Acolyte Possession Attacks, factional strife, and Database cartel crimes, while Sister Consuela Grajales tries to provide spiritual guidance to the people after she has renounced violence. But, when the Acolyte Possessions threaten all of their families directly the former Apostates consult Simon Schrubb about this mysterious threat. Simon Schrubb directs them to seek out Paradise, a hypothetical super backup server that just may hold the key to the Acolytes. And so, they set off in an armored convoy across the radioactive city ruins and dead tree littered wastelands on their perilous quest.

Little do the Apostates know that Apedemak Nubia and his Nubian Braves fight for control of their home, Sulfur Springs, which is said to hold Paradise, against the Trinity, a being that somehow controls the Acolyte Horde. As the Nubians split up to search out allies east and west, the Republic of Ukiah finds unlikely allies in the Nubian Braves, and the former Prelate Ayane Inoguchi, who struggles to reconcile her past, while helping to defend the Republic from an all-out Chinese invasion of the West Coast.

But, amid all the chaos the Lake of Fire burns deep below the Earth and threatens to undue all labors to consume the world and usher all souls to Paradise in the name of the Trinity and the Proxy Messiah.

    Lake of Fire Reviews

  • Dianne

    Are the final battles of the remnants of a shredded nation finally coming? Will the political machinations of the different state/countries and their power-hungry leaders bring the final curtain down ...

  • The Reading Bud

    I must say that this story was surprisingly quick read. Evan nubia fights to keep the Manhattan Union from getting in the middle of the Acolytes attacks while others fight against Trinity and protecti...

  • Mike Siedschlag

    I was given an e-copy of Lake of Fire by author Lars Teeney for review.Having read the first two books in the Apostates series, I was looking forward to reading the conclusion of this trilogy. There w...

  • Misty

    The Apostates Book Three: Lake of Fire (#3) by Lars Teeney is the third book in The Apostates series. So far I have read all of the previous books in the series and I felt that each one was better tha...

  • Galit  Balli

    I enjoyed all of Teeney's books a lot and this book was a wonderful ending to this series :)My review is up on Heena's blog

  • K.G. of Flurries Unlimited

    In a dystopian future where virtually everyone has neural implants, the corrupt remnants of the U.S. Federal government collude with big business to manipulate the masses. Individual minds can be over...

  • Donna

    Excellent climax to a fine science fiction seriesThis is the third and final book in the Apostate series and I truly sorry to see it end. This series has been action-packed, unpredictable, and highly ...

  • Lars Teeney


  • Jaffa Kintigh

    The Apostates trilogy [plus 1 prequel short story] concludes with this installment. The grammatical errors and editorial missteps that plagued the trilogy opener pick back up here creating a confused ...