Bound for Nirvana

Bound for Nirvana

Title:Bound for Nirvana
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:310 pages

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Angel once believed she was destined for a loveless, hellish existence. Now she willingly gives her heart to Ethan Wilde, the man whose love mends her broken soul a little more each day. The promise of peace and the chance to breathe are finally within her reach.

Ethan knows Hell is no place for an angel, especially not his Angel. He’s sworn to protect her at any cost. He would willingly sacrifice his soul to save hers.

When Ethan’s past threatened to destroy them, they fought their way through a living hell, fuelled by their passion and driven by their unbreakable bond. They emerged stronger than ever, determined to find their happy ever after.

But Angel continues to paper over the cracks of her troubled childhood in an effort to keep her own demons at bay. When a twist of fate forces her to confront them, she knows she will never find the peace she craves until they, too, are defeated. But in her search for Nirvana, Angel discovers far more than buried memories – she’s forced to face a lifetime of betrayal.

What happens when the worst nightmare you’ve ever encountered is the one you wake up in? When the past comes face to face with the present to reveal a web of dark secrets and a lifetime of lies?

Is there such a thing as a happy ever after for those who are bound for Hell?

Bound for Nirvana
Book 3 of The Bound Trilogy, by Kendra Leigh
Relentlessly sexy. Emotionally deep. Tangled, twisted, intricately woven love story with romance and suspense. For readers 18 and over due to explicit sexual content.

    Bound for Nirvana Reviews

  • Katy Loves Romance ??

    5 stars Ok firstly I just want to say a big thank you to Kendra for writing a beautiful love story that had me taken to a getaway place, and a love story that had me gripped to my seat. I've been with...

  • Coco.V

    Awesome, simply freaking awesome!I don't even know where to begin. I couldn't put it down! I loved this series HARD.We can tell an author is gifted when he’s able to make us feel everything from sta...

  • Sharon ?? is an emotional book junkie ??

    Well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the last book of the series would go out with a bang! This was one seriously messed up, over the top, crazy romantic, throw everything in AND the kitche...

  • Fathima

    4.5 stars !!!! Perfect ending to an awesome trilogy !...

  • Elif

    I loved this trilogy from the frist book but especially the third book, Bound For Nirvana!!! Angel and Ethan’s journey was full of mystery, suspense, surprise all with lots and lots of love... lots ...

  • Jade Simcox (3 Degrees Of Fiction)

    We are back joining Ethan and Angel as they fight to get rid of Angel's demons, but as their love continues to grow for each other, Angel is still damaged by her past. She tries to cover it, but Ethan...

  • Jessica Brandon

    Bound for Nirvana Kendra LeighI give this book 5 AMAZING stars.....This ARC was given by Kendra Leigh in exchange for an honest review.Wow! Where do I begin with this love story? Kendra Leigh honestly...

  • Malene

    Review on BadAssDirtyBooksWhen I read the first book Bound For Hell in March I fell instantly in love with Angel and Ethan. Their first encounter which lead to smoking hot sex in a closet with no spok...

  • Jennifer

    I finished this ARC a week ago, and I've been dreading writing this review. Not because I didn't love every word of this book, but because that means that this series is over and I'm not ready to let ...

  • Margaret Smith

    How to finish a superb series. Kendra Leigh has given us a third book to finish Angel and Ethan's story - and what a finish. I was left gasping for air at 2.a.m because I couldn't put the damned thing...