Origins of the Never

Origins of the Never

Title:Origins of the Never
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:61 pages

A prequel to The Tales of the Neverwar series, with dragons, elves and faeries.

Set thousands of years before the Tales of the Neverwar, an epic fantasy through space, time, and reality.
Teralia. A world of light and beauty, holding the core of magic that infuses the universe. A land of Faerie magic and Ancient Dragons.
Here, two friends, closer than brothers, are destined to become the mightiest among the immortal Elven race.
One will fall, ensnared by an ancient evil thought destroyed eons ago.
The other will face a desperate choice to save a doomed world.
Ultimately, only one can prevail.

Free Science Fiction and Fantasy, Origins of the Never is perfect for dragon lovers everywhere.YA series about an awakening evil and the battle to save all reality.

    Origins of the Never Reviews

  • Clare O'Beara

    This short fantasy introduces an elven-like people with long lives and few births. A woman is loved by two men but when she agrees to marry one, the other becomes envious and sad, leading to a blacken...

  • Chyina

    I had such high hopes for this after seeing the reviews it received on Amazon. Wow, was I disappointed.The story has no character development and very little to no world development. Throughout most o...

  • JD Estrada

    What happens when your prologue is just too awesome to leave as a prologue, you write a prequel novella that leaves a reader wondering what the hell is going to happen. Origins of the Never is a quick...

  • Sarina Langer

    Rating: 3.5This is my last review for 2017, but it's a good one, friends.I could have sworn I read once that authors should never combine sci-fi and high fantasy in one book. Something about asking yo...

  • Shelly

    If you are a fan of Fantasy, this author's books are for you!Origins of the Never is the prequel to the Tales of the Neverwar series. The author does a brilliant job of establishing the characters qui...

  • Gayreth Walden

    Thousands of years beforeTeralia, a world of light, peace, happiness and plenty sustained by the magic of the land itself. This is a story of life, love and goodness. How jealousy, greed and lust can ...

  • Marie

    An interesting fantasyThough this has all of the typical overdone high fantasy elements like elves, magic, and good versus evil, it held my interest. The story was well-written and drew me in, making ...

  • Dianne

    Is it possible to have a slightly different twist on the eternal battle of good versus evil? C.J. Rutherford proves there is in his prequel novella, Origins of the Never. They were best friends, each ...

  • William Stuart

    I read Souls of the Never by Colin J Rutherford last year and gave it 4.5 stars. When Colin Rutherford decided to pen the prequel to the book, I had to read it. This one is good!Synopsis (from the aut...

  • Eduardo Suastegui

    This story clicks off all the fantasy musts--dragons, elves, magic spells--and manages to blend in a bit of SciFi with portals and inter-planetary worlds. For my preference as a reader, at times the s...