The Synthesis and the Animus

The Synthesis and the Animus

Title:The Synthesis and the Animus
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:255 pages

In THE SYNTHESIS AND THE ANIMUS, former RDD scientist Antosha Zereoue has returned to Beimeni from the Lower Level, while Captain Broden Barao is challenged by the Liberation Front. As the commonwealth prepares to honor two hundred years of Chancellor Atticus Masimovian's rule, disparate sides will reconcile differences and form an accord with consequences that shake the underground."

    The Synthesis and the Animus Reviews

  • Joelle

    The Synthesis and the Animus is Book 3 in the Phantom Earth series. From the beginning this book is off to a quick start. Antosha has arrived from the lower levels to take Brody’s place and is full ...

  • Vanessa Kings

    When I finished the second book of The phantom of the Earth series, I went away and bought the Omnibus edition, which contains all 5 books, so I could start the third one and don’t have to stop read...

  • Joyce

    In this book we find out more about Antosha and some of his background. We find out about escalating power struggles in Beimeni. Gwen is getting more and more devious. Really great continuation of thi...

  • Kim

    This was a interesting book....

  • Jason H

    Well, unfortunately, this was the book that helped me decide to stop reading the series.The writing remained on the same level as previous books, but the author let the plot spiral into disarray. As s...