Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:216 pages

This is a continuation of "Deliverance for Amelia".

If you’re looking for a knight in shining armor, a princess or a fairy godmother, then this is not the story for you.
This is a dark novel. Read at your own risk.

I hate the word yesterday, just like I loathe
the idea of tomorrow.

Where would I be without them? Not here. Not anywhere.

Because, where I am dwindling away in the madness is neither
here nor there.

My mind is my tormentor, and I am the masochist.

No-matter how I justify it - the blood will always be on my hands. The shadow that lingers wins. He always does, and he will eventually lead me to my demise.

All in due time.

The truth will soon be uncovered.

    Gabriel Reviews

  • Candace

    So Messed Up!The second book in the 'Killer' series, 'Gabriel' tells the story of Gabe's son. While the story does shed some light on his childhood, through a few brief flashbacks, the book is primari...

  • Jamie ?? submits to books ??

    ***** 5 AMAZING BEYOND THE DARKNESS STARS ***** First off....Miss Bonny Capps....HOLY SHIT wrote one hell of a series full of twisted darkness!! You have left me speechless and I apologiz...

  • Elfina Renee

    What a complete mind fuckery, there were so many plot twists I’m blown away. Deliverance For Amelia & Gabriel are two of the best darkest reads for 2015! Damn sure takes number one in my favorites!...

  • 'Q' aka CoCo

    This pains me... Not so much giving the two star, as I'll explain my reasoning for that in a moment, but because I must admit that I might have been wrong about the first book. I just don't see how it...

  • Kim BookJunkie

    This is only the second book I've read by Bonny Capps, reading this soon after finishing Deliverance For Amelia. If all of her books resemble these two, I have absolutely, for sure found my new favori...

  • Cat G.

    I didn't see anything in this book coming! Bonny shocked me and twisted my mind so much with this one that I was left wondering how in the world does she come up with this stuff. It starts off with a ...

  • Bloggers From Down Under

    **arc received for honest review**Im not sure if this review will do this book justice and without giving away to much of the book its one of them books that you just have to read to understand how gr...

  • Wendy Wuttke

    Wicked twist that you won't see coming!!!!Wow loved this ending. Was happy that this book was about Gabe's son, it completes the whole story. I found myself sympathizing with Gabriel as he is conflict...

  • Jamie

    Wow! I was blown away with this series and cannot wait for the third book to come out.Read the warning. HEED the warning!I loved Deliverance For Amelia. I LIVED Gabriel. At first, I thought I was goin...

  • Miri

    Holy shit!!!! I didn't expect the twists. "But I gave that permission, because I could care less about my torn and battered heart. I only care about his."Gabriel is such a broken soul! "My feelings fo...