Colorado Hope

Colorado Hope

Title:Colorado Hope
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:422 pages

While traveling to the Western town of Fort Collins, Colorado, a new bride watches in horror as her husband is swept away in a flash flood. She fears she'll never see him again, but a year later, he walks into town—with a beautiful woman on his arm . . .

A new sweet Historical Western Romance by best-selling author Charlene Whitman—Book 2 in The Front Range Series

1875 ~ Beset by a sudden spring storm on the Front Range, newlywed Grace Cunningham watches in horror as her husband, Monty, is swept downriver. Pregnant and despairing, she stumbles into Fort Collins and tries to make a life for herself, praying that one day the man she loves will walk into town and back into her life.

Montgomery Cunningham wakens on the bank of a river with no recollection of who he is or how he got the gash on his head. A woman named Stella, who claims to be his fiancée, nurses him back to health. Plagued by images of a faceless woman who he is certain is the key to his past, Monty concedes to Stella’s pressure to marry him and move to Fort Collins, but he quickly regrets his actions.

A year after Grace’s tragic loss, Monty walks into the dress shop where she works—with a woman on his arm. Shocked that Monty has no recollection of her, Grace is determined to win back his heart. Somehow she must help him regain his memories and his buried love for her—and not just for her sake but for the sake of their infant son, Ben.

Monty, miserable in his marriage to a woman he hardly knows, is inexplicably drawn to Grace. Every time he’s near her, memories surface, but they are hazy and troubling. He’s torn between his vows and the desires of his heart, for he cannot stay away from Grace.

Grace’s hope is sparked when Monty starts recalling glimpses of his past. But when murderous outlaws come to town, she is thrust into grave danger. Monty risks his life to rescue her, only to face even greater perils in the treacherous mountains. Can she truly hang on to hope when she is about to lose all she loves?

This new full-length Historical Western Romance novel takes readers on a heart-wrenching journey of love, loss, and hope amid the dangers and challenges in Colorado Territory’s wild frontier.

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The Examiner says of author Charlene Whitman: "An adequate writer of historical fiction will include minor bits and pieces about the setting of their story. A good writer will do a bit of research to make sure there are historical facts included in the pages of their novel. A superb writer will create characters that could have actually lived during the time in which the story takes place and allows them to act as people in that time period would have really acted. Charlene Whitman is a superb writer."

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    What a pleasure to read such a wonderful story.The thought that Grace lost her husband in the river got me hard. She was pregnant and alone and must go on without her beloved, Monty. I was hooked from...

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    Colorado Hope is another wonderful, historical romance by Charlene Whitman! Adventures in the Colorado Territory continue in this second book in the Front Range series. While readers of Book 1, Colora...

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    Montgomery and Grace Cunningham are travelling west to Fort Collins, Colorado where Monty has a surveyors job waiting for him. Grace is not sure the move is a good idea, but because Monty wants to go ...

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    This second installment of The Front Range Series is delightful. It certainly does not hurt that I grew up in the Fort Collins/Greeley area and am a history buff. Ms. Whitman successfully maintained t...

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    I enjoyed this book very much. it's the first book I have ever read by this author. It had everything I could ever want in a historical romance, romance, adventure, bad guys, a very bad girl, mystery,...

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    What a fresh surprise! Any book that has to do with Colorado I am all about reading. This book was really pretty good, though a bit long and drawn out at times. The overall idea is about Monty who is ...

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    I thought this was going to be a sweet Christian romance. Well, it is that, and so much more. This story grabs you from the very beginning as newlyweds Grace and Monty are headed out west. Traveling o...

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    Really good story! Looking forward to doing a full review and spotlight next week on Favorite Christian Books!!...

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    A sweet, clean, Christian faith based romance and adventure story set in 1870's Fort Collins, Colorado. While not my usual genre, I enjoyed the setting and historical references. The characters were n...