Mothers Grimm

Mothers Grimm

Title:Mothers Grimm
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:224 pages

A sly, cheeky and blackly comic telling of mothering, heartache, heartbreak, desire, love and death.

In the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel’s mother trades her firstborn child for a handful of leafy greens, and
Hansel’s step-mother abandons him in a clearing in the forest. In ‘The Goose Girl’, the queen sends her daughter away
to her fate with a bloodied handkerchief tucked in her bosom, and in ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Mama’s best efforts cannot
prevent one little prick from having disastrous consequences for the heroine. Danielle Wood’s Mothers Grimm brings characters from these stories into the modern world in a collection of four long stories that interrogate contemporary
womanhood and motherhood. Happy endings not guaranteed.

    Mothers Grimm Reviews

  • Sally906

    I have to say the book wasn’t quite what I expected. I assumed that each of the four stories that appear in MOTHERS GRIMM would be a recognisable retelling of some well-loved Grimm brother’s fairy...

  • Carolyn

    The author sets the tone for this collection of short stories with her prologue with a description of the Good Mother, you know the one with the white as white washing and the perfectly behaved childr...

  • Marianne

    From an Uncorrected Proof kindly provided by Allen & Unwin and The Reading Room.Mothers Grimm is the third fiction book by Australian teacher and author, Danielle Wood. It is a collection of four shor...

  • Kelly

    What an incredible throught provoking and heartfelt journey. Mothers Grimm is a selection of 4 short stories that are about mothers loosely based on the Grimm fairytales.An incredible eye opening book...

  • Sarah

    I really enjoyed this collection of dark "fairytales" around the subject of motherhood....

  • Figgy

    I try not to judge a book too much by what my expectations were going in, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. In this instance, I fell like I was offered modern day magic, or at least something ...

  • Alison Stegert

    A full review can be found on my blog, Spilling Ink, here. I love fairytale retellings. It's my "thing." So, when I saw Mothers Grimm, I was instantly hooked--e...

  • Denise

    I LOVED IT! Four tales and I laughed at each one. Expectant mothers should be given a copy when they announce they are pregnant. Throw away "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and read this instea...

  • Tien

    In a fairytale, the only good mother is six feet under. All the others are bad news.By this part of the blurb alone, it should be pretty obvious what we’re getting here. None of that Disney fairy ta...

  • Emmy9394

    More a three and a half for me. I had been coveting this book for a long time and was disappointed to discover that it was not what I expected. I cannot deny that the book was beautifully written - th...