Peace is an Offering

Peace is an Offering

Title:Peace is an Offering
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:40 pages

A warm, comforting poem about finding peace in a community of neighbors

Peace is an offering.
A muffin or a peach.
A birthday invitation.
A trip to the beach.

Join this group of neighborhood children as they find love in everyday things—in sunlight shining through the leaves and cookies shared with friends—and learn that peace is all around, if you just look for it. With rhyming verse and soft illustrations, this book will help families and teachers look for the light moments when tragedy strikes and remind readers of the calm and happiness they find in their own community every day.

    Peace is an Offering Reviews

  • paula

    "Peace is holding on to another.Peace is the words you say to a brother.'Will you stay with me?Will you be my friend?Will you listen to my story till the very end?'Peace is a joining, not a pulling ap...

  • Melissa Neufer

    This is an absolute beautiful book. It's simple yet very touching. Kids and adults alike can read this book and have them make them feel more at peace just by reading it. It teaches that peace can be ...

  • Vikki VanSickle

    A beautiful book that uses clean, evocative language to evoke various feelings of peace. Would sit nicely alongside THE QUIET BOOK...

  • Tasha

    This picture book explores the concept of peace. It begins with simple examples, ones that are found every day like trips to the beach or giving someone a muffin. Peace is also mentioned as being grat...

  • Carrie

    *Disclaimer - I was sent a copy of this book by the author for an honest review*I've always enjoyed Annette's writing and this simple children's book is an example of something everyone should read. T...

  • Cheryl

    Written in English and Spanish, this is a mindful lesson on how simple it is to live peacefully, with nature, humanity, oneself. Children of innocence, purity, being the givers they naturally are. If ...

  • Linda

    Gorgeous illustrations of each poem/sentence along with sweet little poems show numerous ways, in verse, of gathering peace. Here are some favorite lines: "So offer a cookie. Walk away from a fight. C...

  • Kate Hastings

    Grades K-5. What is happiness? This simple picture book looks at the many ways we can help ourselves and others find peace through generosity, thankfulness, kindness, companionship, noticing, trust, l...

  • E

    Yet another book I wish everyone could read at least once. It's quiet, gentle, and carries a beautiful message without beating you over the head. Illustrations are filled with love and sweet details.I...

  • Kristine

    Beautiful rhyming text shows various everyday places peace can be found and ways it can be shared.Excellent book to use to build community in the classroom....