Romancing Sal Gabrini 1

Romancing Sal Gabrini 1

Title:Romancing Sal Gabrini 1
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:280 pages

Gemma Jones once thought Sal Gabrini could be a keeper. He was, in truth, the man of her dreams. But after she didn’t hear from him when he had promised to stay in touch, she wasn’t thinking about him either.

Even when she travels to his turf, to Seattle, to attend a stuffy lawyer’s convention, she’s bound and determined not to give Sal a second thought. The fact that she had refused his sexual advances probably had everything to do with why he didn’t follow up with her, and she understands that. But that understanding only makes her all the more determined to keep him at arm’s length. She might have been known for her slamming body, but that didn’t mean she wants the man of her dreams to only want her for that body.

But the convention turns out to be so boring that Trina, her friend and business partner, encourages her to give the man a call. If nothing else he can show her the town and ramp down the boredom, her friend insists. So against her better judgment, Gemma phones him. When he doesn’t return her voice mail message later that night, she wants to kick herself for even bothering.

Hunky businessman Sal Gabrini arrives back in town after a trip to Jersey. When he sees where the gorgeously exotic Gemma Jones has left him a message, he realizes how much he actually misses her. He shows up at her hotel, catching her off guard, and that one proactive move takes the pair of would-be lovers on the most tumultuous, yet sexually and emotionally gratifying rollercoaster ride of their lives.

Sal has to decide if he is willing to risk it all for the love of a good woman, and Gemma has to decide if a player like Sal Gabrini can ever truly change and become the man she will need him to be. Their tempers flare, their personalities clash, but their love for each other becomes the cornerstone that could actually make their relationship work.

In the first book by bestselling author Mallory Monroe that focuses on Tommy’s younger brother Sal, ROMANCING SAL GABRINI is an interracial romance that takes the readers on a compelling journey of love, sex, and tears.

    Romancing Sal Gabrini 1 Reviews

  • Kim

    4.5 Starsgr8 read!! Sal was always a bit rough around the edges, but I really got to know and love him in this book. I was really surprised at what a strong connection he had with Gemma. Yes I knew it...

  • Shaquaila

    Sal Luca stopped fighting it, and got him some of that sweet brown sugar. Lol I knew only a sistah could give him a run for his money, and the way he gave his brother and cousin a hard time about them...

  • Yes I read For Fun

    “What do you want, Sal?” she asked him. And she asked it, not with any accusatory tone, butwith concern in her voice. What was it that he really wanted? She had to hear him say it.“You,” Sal s...

  • Deb

    Sal Luca Gabrini. This man right here was a total enigma. Initially we think he is a racist who is probably, looks wise, the dud of the Gabrini clan. He was mysterious about his business dealings and ...

  • Tanielle

    Great read I thought I wasn't going to like Sal or that he should've even had a book for himself seeing how dull and pigheaded he was in the previous ones. I couldn't put it down though and Gemma was ...

  • Jazmin

    Well what can i say i had this book sitting on my kindle for a couple of years at first I thought that i wouldn't like sal gabrini since he is always presenting him self to be so rude and arrogant so ...

  • jean jones

    Love me some Gabrinis l knew I absolutely adored Reno then along came the brothers Tommy and bad bad tough guy Sal..Sal and Gemma..what a great pair..each story I would love to see adapted into a movi...

  • Angelia

    Loved it.....GREAT read !!!!! Sal really did a 180..... The chemistry between him and Gemma was so strong that you hated to see the story come to an end....can't wait to read more on the whole Gabrini...

  • Mspraise50

    This is book two in the Gabrini Series and its Gemma and Sal's story.I am loving Sal and Gemma they are a mature couple, they are getting to know each other. I am enjoying the brutal honesty of their ...

  • Libby

    I don't know how she did it but Ms. Monroe managed to take a character I couldn't stand when first introduced and made him one of my favorites. The romance between Sal and Gemma is so genuine. That mi...