Loose Dogs

Loose Dogs


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Title:Loose Dogs
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:270 pages

Animal Control Officer Paige Newbury doesn’t know what’s worse. Her man problems. Or her dog problems. She opens a package and finds The Ring—which means the guy she can’t get over is about to walk back into her life. Then she stumbles on evidence of a criminal dog fighting ring—which means a gorgeous pit bull she tried to save is doomed to suffer . . . or maybe even die. She's sure she can seal the deal with her boyfriend with a little help from sexy lawyer Larry Crawford. But she’ll soon need another scheme—this time, to save her life. Loose Dogs. Unconventional romance. Thrilling twist.

    Loose Dogs Reviews

  • Sheila

    Chick-Lit is not one of my favorite genres, and this book falls under the chick-lit category. I was interested in reading it though because the lead female character in the story is a twenty-something...

  • Mary Maddox

    Kirsten Mortensen's Loose Dogs is a wonderful novel, full of comedy without overlooking life's sadness and cruelty. The characters are deftly drawn. The author gives them individuality even when they'...

  • Monica

    I won this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.Without summarizing the plot or handing out spoilers, I found this book touching and heartwarming. The main character, a dog catcher named Paig...

  • Jennifer

    I really enjoyed this book. At first it was a bit slow going but it was a very realistic type of story so that makes sense. I originally got the book more for the animal part of it. I am usually an er...

  • Melissa ownsbey

    i was disapointed with the cover i wished to see the guy and girls face but the dog was cutethee book was good i liked the stortythe charcters were all good i like them alli like the romance part of i...

  • E

    I received this book as a goodreads contest giveaway. This was a quick read. I would have liked more romance to it, and at two points in the book I was unsure whether it was present time or looking ba...

  • Tracy

    I found the characters to be annoying and immature. It just wasn't for me. I appreciate her message about pit bulls at the end. The book ended very abruptly. ...

  • Kirsten Mortensen