Monsieur Le Commandant

Monsieur Le Commandant

Title:Monsieur Le Commandant
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:208 pages

"Probably one of the most significant novels of this year."—L'Express

"As soon as you open Monsieur Le Commandant you will not be able to put it down, such is Slocombe's affinity for his subject matter. . . . His virtuosity and manner of storytelling reveal true talent. . . . Go out and buy a copy of Monsieur Le Commandant as soon as you can. Read it; you'll be glad you did."—Le Point

"The novel is, in a unique way, a powerful piece of Resistance literature."—La Vie

French Academician and Nazi sympathizer Paul-Jean Husson writes a letter to his local SS officer in the autumn of 1942.

Tormented by an illicit passion for Ilse, his German daughter-in-law, Husson has made a decision that will devastate several lives, including his own.

The letter is intended to explain his actions. It is a dramatic, sometimes harrowing story that begins in the years leading up to the war, when following the accidental drowning of his daughter, Husson's previously gilded life begins to unravel.

And through Husson's confession, Romain Slocombe gives the reader a startling picture of a man's journey: from pillar of the French Establishment and World War One hero to outspoken supporter of Nazi ideology and the Vichy government.

Romain Slocombe is a writer, director, translator, illustrator, cartoonist, and photographer. He was born in Paris in 1953.

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    A harrowing and disturbing tale of collaboration and betrayal.French Academician and Nazi sympathizer Paul-Jean Husson writes a letter to his local SS officer in the autumn of 1942.This isn’t a comf...

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    Is what we are being told based on real events, with of course names altered for the protection of the individuals involved? That is what we are told in the Publisher’s Note at the book’s beginnin...

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    The fate of the Jews in the Second World War is a familiar subject. Horrified though we continue to be, we are rarely surprised anymore. The narrative is well known to us, the pictures indelibly etche...

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    Monsieur Le Comandant is a book that is more horrifying than anything in the horror genre; also it is a novel that cannot to be put down as it ratchets the tension gradually and one keeps hoping that ...

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    ***3.5 stars*****Thank you kindly to Gallic books for offering me a copy of this book for review.**Based on real events****In the form of a letter to his local SS officer we hear the story of French A...

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    In September 1942, writer Paul-Jean Husson pens a long letter to the German officer in charge of his region confessing, and doing everything possible to justify, a situation that has been going on for...

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    Paul-Jean Husson, WWI veteran, wealthy novelist and poet, French patriot, puts pen to paper to explain in Académie Française French to his local Vichy SS commander how he came to become sexually obs...

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    One of the most disturbing books I have ever read, with a protagonist, the French academic Jean-Paul Husson, the most vile, false, hypocrites, opportunists, you can imagine.Written as a long letter by...

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    A truly chilling tale of collaboration in France in WW2. An anti-semite whose son marries a Jewess, and how this French Catholic father and father-in-law deals with his "problem". A fiction, but with ...