The Undead Day Six

The Undead Day Six


, zombies, Horror, Apocalyptic

Title:The Undead Day Six
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:1

My name is Howie. I was named after my father Howard, but it became too confusing to have two Howards, so I became Howie. I am 27 years old and I work as a night’s manager in a supermarket.
I will tell you what happened.

On Friday the world fell apart. A zombie infestation has ravaged Europe. Howie was at home and quickly had to learn to fight and survive in this new world as he battled through hordes of undead, desperately trying to reach his family...The Undead Day One.

On Saturday he went back to his town but an undead stripper and her psychotic boyfriend awaited him. Then he met Dave and everything changed as they went to war on the undead...The Undead Day Two.

On Sunday, Howie and Dave have to travel across country still searching for Howie’s family. Their travels bring them into contact with many strange people as they battle with zombies and other survivors...The Undead Day Three.

Monday. Day Four. Howie and Dave have to battle their way out of the police station and make a disturbing discovery. They finally reach Salisbury Army Training Centre and find a massive army of undead soldier zombies, new recruits, an arrogant and cowardly officer and more battles. Meanwhile the infection is learning to control new species…The Undead Day Four.

Tuesday, Day Five. Howie, Dave and the teenage army recruits drive the Armoured Personnel Carrier through villages, killing every horde they find. The infection evolves and learns more skills and starts to target Howie and his group of resistors. Introducing Sarah, Howie’s sister at home in her apartment in London. Fighting to survive with any method available. Howie and his group find a fuel station when things go horribly, horribly wrong…The Undead Day Five.

Wednesday, Day Six. Howie, Dave and their group travel to London to find Sarah, Howie’s sister. Meeting more wonderful and strange characters on the way. They find another commune led by the enigmatic Big Chris which lead to an amazing adventure. The infection continues to evolve in a shocking twist. The zombies get faster, meaner and tougher and the battles more intense as they fight to survive. The tragedy strikes…. The Undead Day Six

    The Undead Day Six Reviews

  • Freedom

    Oh My WOW!!! I feel like I have run a marathon...the thrill, the journey, the emotions!! Not to give too much away but I cried at the end of this one... For sooo many reasons!!Zompoc kit listSpatulaHo...

  • Vaira

    I've read all 5 previous books and this, I must say, is even better. Can't wait for day seven. I can never guess what will happen next, so I hope Mr Howie will be okay. He's a great character. ...

  • S.L.

    Some good developments in day 6. Successes and losses. So much happens in the first 6 days, it feels like much more time has passed!...

  • Mark Johnson

    Every episode is better than the last.I am totally hooked on this series, the best spin on the zombie apocalypse I have seen yet. Can’t wait to start the next one....

  • Catherine

    I listen to The Undead on audiobook, so although this was part 6, it's not day 6. I think part 6 goes up to day 11, and there may be spoilers past this point.This episode follows a similar format to p...

  • Darren

    CompellingI read the first Three books in the series in one night as a trial of Amazon Unlimited.An amazing, terrifying and truly moving at times account of the Zombie Apocalypse.The scariest thing is...

  • Randy Harmelink

    Day 6 of the Dave and Mr. Howie show, as they plan an afternoon trip into London to visit Howie's sister, Sarah. Zombies. Blood. Gore. Action. What more could you ask for?...